Are you in the process of starting a new business? Are you looking to create a successful brand identity? We would like to share tips for success in this infographic. They cover the four branding cornerstones below: The big idea Values Vision Personality Check out the infographic for more detail.     Source:


I recently joined a wonderful “Visual Thinking’’ workshop by Tang Quang, the author of ‘’Con da ve nha, I’m home’’ (a sketch book depicts quarantine life vividly in Covid-19). The workshop helped me to understand an alternative approach to thinking while our mind seems not to digest or express ideas and knowledge by words effectively. […]

Workshop: Performance Management

On Aug 8th, the MBQPM (Master in Business Quality and Performance Management) Class with prof. Jean-Philippe Pireaux had an interactive workshop with Solvay alumni like Mr. Luu Nhat Huy – IMT; Mr. Le Quang Huy – Talentnet; and Mr. Dong Van Tiep – ScanCom. They have shared their own stories of their companies/businesses on “How […]

Business Talk: Scenario Planning – prepare for an Unknown Future

  Nokia CEO once said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Indeed, we are now living in the V.U.C.A world, which is Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This means anticipating transformation is more complicated, trends may come up and stop suddenly, and consequences of resisting changes are bigger and faster than before. […]

Business Talk: Why Meaningfulness and Hyper-Personalization are The Future of Marketing?

The world we are living is full of information. Every minute, the world has recorded 4 million videos watched on Youtube and 49,000 photos posted on Instagram. Particular in marketing, there are 5000 messages sent per day and marketers have only 8 seconds to attract people’s attention. However, quantity does not mean quality.   Just […]

Business Talk: Innovation challenge in firms

Innovation is the key to sustainable competitive advantage. However, it faces many challenges when attempting to get innovation programs off the ground. How to balance between optimization of processes and nurturing creativity? This question were answered by professor Bruno in the last Business Talk on April 10. Prof. Bruno van Pottelsberghe has been Dean of […]