Solvay mini – consultancy project 2023 Offering business new solutions with fresh and unbiased perspectives

The International Business Field Project (IBFP) of Solvay School is going to start off in this May, 2023. With more than 15 years of operations, IBFP have been helping many businesses tackle complicated challenges with insightful and effective consultancy from the Solvay MBA Mini-consulting Teams.

The International Business Field Project (IBFP) of Solvay School


We are proud to have assisted our clients which are businesses of all sizes. No matter if you are startups, SMEs, MNCs and NGOs. Our clients of previous batches including CocaCola, Vietcombank, KMS Technology, SABECO and so on. The consulting project has been addressing various business issues in the following fields:

  • Market research
  • Product/services launching
  • HR Management
  • Product marketing & communication
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Strategy and so on.

In such times of volatility, we believe that with thorough analysis and well-rounded solutions provided by professionals such as Solvay MBA participants, international coaches and local experts in the IBFP, the end-results can only become more valuable than ever.
If you have some certain issues in the company that you want to tackle, or you find some potentials for your business development and need some external trustworthy resources, here is our Solvay Project Team with the IBFP for you. We’re confident to offer you with:

  • Thorough business and market analysis
  • Recommended solutions
  • Project managed and coached by international coaches and local experts
  • Contact to be our next client in IBFP program!

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