Alumni Day 2018 – Shine & Share

The 24th of November was the Alumni Day for all former generations of Solvay. Many of them didn’t hesitate to face the threat of the typhoon for the pleasure to spend time with their friends and take part in the ceremony. And they were right!

Arriving progressively, the guests had time to enjoy the charm of Villa Song. Situated along the river and surrounded by glowing lights, the place spreads with simplicity its positive energy!

The reunion started with a speech by the Dean of Solvay Vietnam, Michel Allé, and the Operation Manager of Solvay, Hélène Lambillon, coming especially from France.

This year, emphasis has been put on the following question:

How to make Solvay Alumni Association a strong and dynamic community? What kind of activity could gather regularly our alumni?

With a glass of craft beer in hand and the questions in mind, we had the chance to hear some of our Alumni telling about their notion of community  “after Solvay”.  

7 years after graduation, the MBAVB2 still communicate and meet regularly via Viber. 42 people are in the group, and a bit more than 20 of them are still active. The last time they saw each other? One week ago, during the Annual tennis tournament! Sports events, homemade dinners, and other kinds of festivities, they always find a way to share cheerful and memorable times together.

For others, the bonds are more professional. One former student shared the benefits of attending the class of guest speakers. Indeed, the optional courses offered to Solvay’s students, are led by guest speakers who are most of the time Vietnamese. They represent a high potential for network and collaboration. Our alumni experienced a fruitful partnership with one of his teachers. These experiences are proof that Solvay is a great creator of social bonds.

The second part of the gathering celebrates one of the most famous specialties of Belgium: The beer!

With the support of Beluxcham, our fellow alumni got the opportunity to test their senses by trying 5 different types of renowned Belgium beers. The explanations and the pinch of humor of Mr. Dương Quang Huy, representative of Duvel Beer in Vietnam were a big help to guide the assembly. Besides, the performance was the perfect preparation for the Beer festival following Alumni Day.

An exciting lucky draw, where Global Book and Gift Network generously offered several prizes announced the close end of the reunion.

Thanks to Global Book, Mr.Phuong received the very first edition of the 2019 magazine “The Economist”. The World In is an amazing magazine published by The Economist with only 1 issue every year. Especially, this publication brings us predictions of the global trends of 2019, covering in a variety of fields of business, finance, science, politics, and culture in countries around the world.

As for Gift Network, the prize was worth 2.000.000 VND! Congratulation Mr.Son from the marketing class! The Mobile Gift Set is a multi-choice e-voucher that can be used in more than 1.000 stores nationwide such as food & beverage, shopping, fashion, and other utilities.

For the records, one lucky drawer even sorted her own card in front of the amazed public!

After a joyful group picture closing the ceremony, the night was far from being finished for some of our Alumni. Indeed, the beer festival has been the perfect place to extend this good time together…

Thank you again for your participation! And we hope to see you next year!

You come, you leave but you always come back! That’s the cycle of life at Solvay!

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