[HCMC] Business Talk: “Managing your career to reach your fulfillment in life”

Are you having some questions for your career and sometimes you might feel lack of motivation for life or work? This happens to everyone as the world is changing rapidly, uncertainty and unpredictably.

On 14 July, Solvay organized a Business Talk “Managing your career to reach your fulfillment in life” to share interesting insights about this matter. The event was facilitated by Mr. Duong Thanh Son, Learning & Development Director of Eximbank.

“Success is an iceberg”

It started with Dr. Dinh Toan Trung, Strategic Mentor and Scientific Director of Solvay Vietnam. Firstly, Dr. Trung had an overview on the megatrends in life and business with five major trends (Digitalization, Globalization, Urbanization, Population and Environmental Issues). He also shared about set of skills and competencies that the labor market needs such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, networking, communication, etc. This is the foundation for anyone to understand themselves and define their own core values, motivation and strengths. “Success is an iceberg”: what people see is just a success, but what they don’t see are rejection, sacrifice, disappointment, hard work, changes, dedication and much much more.

Principles for work-life balance

Secondly, The next part was delivered by Ms. Le Thi Kim Anh (Managing Director of Dynamic Consulting). She started by giving the audience a question “What do you need to prepare for sailing a boat?”. Skills and knowledge we need for sailing a boat is similar with what we need to “sail” our career. Particularly, she pointed out 5 principles to grow with the society and have a meaningful life:

  1. Defining a meaningful goal
  2. Transforming your mindset 
  3. Continuous learning
  4. Building your support network
  5. Sustaining your energy

Hence, to have strategic decisions, you need to have a broad view of the labor market, strong base of knowledge and skills, and strategic goals.

Education enhanced your career

Prof. Michel Allé (Dean of Solvay Vietnam) had practical sharing for individuals about the topic “How education helps to reach your career goals”. 

  1. Ever changing environment
  2. Improving best practices and technical skills
  3. More challenging personal skills
  4. More need to exchange with others
  5. Higher management Education key success factors.

In general, the two common points of all speakers are the knowledge, skills you obtain and the network you have. Studying master programs at Solvay is one of the guidance for your career promotion and development. Solvay understands and supports future managers to have sustainable development in career with our practical Master programs. 

Finally, the session ends with a lively panel of 5 speakers about work life balance, working environment for youth, as well as changes of mindset in management and motivation. Regardless you did come to the talk or just read this article, hope you find it helpful and got a motivation or an idea of direction in your career.


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