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Established in Vietnam since 1995, Solvay Brussels School has a sustainable reputation in training many talented leaders through its 3 master programs. This mission has been continued, improved and adapted more with the fast changing in current Vietnam society and economy. This year, on 4th April, Solvay keeps going on with its mission by organizing MBA Discovery Day in order to introduce Solvay history as well as new points in master programs.

The event was opened by prof. Michel Alle who is Dean of Solvay Vietnam. Thanks to the senior experiences in finance field and long connection with Solvay, prof. Michel Alle is a remarkable representative to lead this event. He shared many inspiring information related to Solvay history, faculty and programs.

Solvay was instituted in Belgium in 1903 by Ernest Solvay, a famous chemist, for the purpose of training men and women who are capable of selecting, initiating and managing. During more than 100 years, Solvay has became the predominant business school in Europe and has been classified as “the Harvard” in Belgium. 25 years in Vietnam, Solvay has built a strong reputation in favor of qualified training and big Alumni community.

In 2019, to add deep insight about Vietnam economy these days, Solvay invites expat or Vietnamese guest speakers who have senior experience in different fields to share their real business stories. The International Business Field Project is still maintained for last year students to apply their theory knowledge into solving real business problems.

The event was wrapped up by the sharing time of two Alumni who graduated last year. Mr.Tu, Marketing Manager at Yokohama, graduated from Master in Marketing and Communication program, shared that the most impressive course is Customer Insight with the guidance of prof. Claire Gruslin. This is because Customer Insight helped him to expand his useful knowledge to support his current job. 

He advised all potential candidates that in order to get full value from Solvay and absorb priceless knowledge from their teachers, you need to dedicate both your time and efforts. Throughout the time studying at Solvay, it was also great chance for Tu to explore Belgium, its culture and people through Summer School – a short course in Brussels. In favor of this program, he gained an overview about global market and makes friends from diversity backgrounds and countries.

Beside Tu, Ms.Ly is also an Alumni of MBA program at Solvay Brussels in Vietnam. The most challenge she had to deal with is team working at the final project. To be more specific, the imbalance of tasks which were assigned to every member or urging them to submit their tasks punctually and even communicating with members who are not discipline are some typical conflict. Nevertheless, this was a big opportunity for her to develop her leadership skills and implemented them for her current job.

Mr. Tu and Ms. Linh are two distinctive examples of Solvay students who went beyond their limitation and got countless values from Solvay, both realistic knowledge and skills from well-known professions all over the world.

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