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Final info session & discussion: Enhancing Your Career Growth through the Master Programs with Prof. Pascal and Prof. Harold As we near the conclusion of Solvay School’s intake process, we invite you to our last Info Session and Discussion before closing applications. – Format: Info Session – Topic: Enhancing Your Career Growth through the Master


Happiness at Workplace? – Is it Profitable and… Sustainable? Without a doubt, YES! But why and how is this achievable? Discover the answers by joining us in an enlightening session featuring Prof. Laurence Vanhée, the Founder of Happyformance & LoftOffiz, on December 14th. 🔶Topic: Happiness at Work Leverages Sustainable Performance 🔶Speaker: Prof. Laurence Vanhée: Founder

WORKSHOP: Project Management

The Project Management workshop with Prof. Frederic, Mr. Phuong, Ms. Angie & Mr. Long was a resounding success leaving us with a delightful and enriching experience Our esteemed speakers captivated the audience with their thought-provoking sharings covering key areas of project management, while the attendees actively participated, posing numerous pertinent and captivating questions. Throughout the


  [Info Session] Meeting Up with Program Academic Director and Alumni! Join us on September 18th for an exciting opportunity to interact directly with Solvay’s esteemed Program Academic Director, Prof. J.P. Baeyens, and our amazing alumni. During this session, Prof. Baeyens will dive into the world of Solvay Master programs, sharing valuable insights and answering


Ngày nay, việc đối mặt với lượng lớn kiến thức, thông tin khiến chúng ta rất khó quản lý và ghi nhớ. Đặc biệt trong bối cảnh mọi thứ thay đổi liên tục, buộc mỗi người phải thích nghi nhanh với nhịp của công việc, cuộc sống. Hàng chục cuộc họp với rất nhiều thông