Happiness at Workplace? – Is it Profitable and… Sustainable?

Without a doubt, YES! But why and how is this achievable? Discover the answers by joining us in an enlightening session featuring Prof. Laurence Vanhée, the Founder of Happyformance & LoftOffiz, on December 14th.

🔶Topic: Happiness at Work Leverages Sustainable Performance

🔶Speaker: Prof. Laurence Vanhée:

  • Founder of Happyformance & LoftOffiz
  • Solvay Lecturer at AMMCoM
  • HR Director of the Year – Belgium 2012

📅Time: 18:00 – 20:00, December 14

🏨Location: NEST BY AIA, 67A Truong Dinh, D.3., HCMC

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The young workforce, unlike previous generations, considers more than just pay and perks when selecting employers. For them, a joyful workplace shapes their choices. Deloitte’s survey reveals that 49% of Gen Zers would leave a job within two years if unhappy, emphasizing the need for an environment fostering happiness to retain this talent.

Beyond retention, a happy workplace impacts job satisfaction, engagement, and ultimately, productivity for sustainable company growth. “Happy Workplace” isn’t a trendy phrase but a strategic necessity for any company’s development!

Curious about what constitutes a “Happy Workplace”?

Ms. Laurence Vanhée – Founder of Happyformance: the pioneer European consulting firm in Happiness at Work, will help you to figure it out!

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About Prof. Laurence Vanhée

Between 2009 and 2013, Laurence Vanhée pioneered the role of ‘Chief Happiness Officer’ at the Belgian Ministry of Social Security. In just four years, she sparked an incredible transformation, making the ministry a top employer in Belgium while achieving remarkable financial, operational, and human-centric success.

She was honored as HR Director of the Year 2022 in Belgium, a testament to her groundbreaking work. Her book, ‘Happy RH,’ not only soared in sales but also stood out as a beacon of innovative HR wisdom in 2013.



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