#2 Key Learning from Gamification Workshop 6.8: Prof. Dominique Mangiatordi

In the event that you couldn’t make it to our recent workshop, where Prof.Mangiatordi, Mr. Long Nguyen, Mr. Dat Vuong and more than 30 esteemed participants gathered. Here, we’re bringing you a roundup of the standout moments and key takeaways from our first Keynote Speaker – Prof. Dominique Mangiatordi.  Importance of Gamification The speaker emphasizes

#1 Key Takeaways from Gamification Workshop 6.8: Mr. Thanh Long Nguyen

In the event that you couldn’t make it to our recent workshop, where Prof. Dominique Mangiatordi, Mr. Long Nguyen, Mr. Dat Vuong and more than 30 esteemed participants gathered. Here, we’re bringing you a roundup of the standout moments and key takeaways from special guest Speaker – Mr. Thanh Long Nguyen – Chief Strategy Officer

Alumni Day in Hanoi – Master the future

Annual activity Master The Future, where old friends meet each other, enlightened teachers and students, has become an appointment of the Solvay Alumni Association. This year, in Hanoi, to change the atmosphere, Master The Future 2018 was held in a day with charity activities and team-building to bring the warmth of sharing and caring about difficult and needy lives.

Belgium and Vietnam collaboration – 45 years celebration

To mark the 187th National Day (July 21, 1831) of Belgium and celebrate 45 years of collaboration between Belgium and Vietnam, the Vietnam-Belgium Friendship Association (VBFA) and the Belgian Embassy in Vietnam gathered last July in Hanoi. “This is a significant milestone in bilateral friendship and cooperation”, said Pham Manh Hung.  In his opening remarks,

EMBA discovery day

Established in Vietnam since 1995, Solvay Brussels School has a sustainable reputation in training many talented leaders through its 3 master programs. This mission has been continued, improved and adapted more with the fast changing in current Vietnam society and economy. This year, on 4th April, Solvay keeps going on with its mission by organizing

2019 Graduation Ceremony in HCMC

On July 13 2019, Solvay Brussels School Vietnam celebrated 36 fresh Master from The Joint Master Program between HCMC Open University (HCMC-OU) and Solvay Brussels School, ULB since 1995. The celebration had an honor to have representatives from the two universities, directors and professors of the program, distinguished guests from Beluxcham. From HCMC-OU, we had

[HCMC] Business Talk: “Managing your career to reach your fulfillment in life”

Are you having some questions for your career and sometimes you might feel lack of motivation for life or work? This happens to everyone as the world is changing rapidly, uncertainty and unpredictably. On 14 July, Solvay organized a Business Talk “Managing your career to reach your fulfillment in life” to share interesting insights about

Business Talk: Why Meaningfulness and Hyper-Personalization are The Future of Marketing?

The world we are living is full of information. Every minute, the world has recorded 4 million videos watched on Youtube and 49,000 photos posted on Instagram. Particular in marketing, there are 5000 messages sent per day and marketers have only 8 seconds to attract people’s attention. However, quantity does not mean quality. Just within

Business Talk: Scenario Planning – prepare for an Unknown Future

Nokia CEO once said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. Indeed, we are now living in the V.U.C.A world, which is Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. This means anticipating transformation is more complicated, trends may come up and stop suddenly, and consequences of resisting changes are bigger and faster than before. In

Chat with Solvay – Enhancing Solvay network & Launching Solvay Executive Education Vietnam

Last Friday evening, September 6, 2019, Solvay Brussels School Vietnam held a special Get Together event for its alumni and network called “Chat with Solvay”. This “Chat with Solvay” attracted more than 60 participants, including Professor Jean-Pierre Baeyens – the Academic Director of MMCOM Program and some other professors of Solvay who were in town,

Solvay Workshop: Innovation for Disruptive Growth

The special workshop “Innovation for Disruptive Growth” with our Keynote speaker – Professor John Metselaar took place on the 3rd of October 2019 at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City – Bitexco Tower. The event had received great interest from the public with more than 50 participants who were CEOs and top managers from many different types of companies.

Reunion between Solvay Academic Director – Prof JP Baeyens and longtime Hanoi Alumni

In March, 2023, 28 leaders of MBA classes spanning over 28 years had a get-together with Professor Jean-Pierre Baeyens in Hanoi. Besides the opportunity to reconnect with Professor Baeyens, who has been a cornerstone of the Solvay Master programs, it was also full of delights and throwbacks to the old days. We got to listen

Solvay mini – consultancy project 2023 Offering business new solutions with fresh and unbiased perspectives

The International Business Field Project (IBFP) of Solvay School is going to start off in this May, 2023. With more than 15 years of operations, IBFP have been helping many businesses tackle complicated challenges with insightful and effective consultancy from the Solvay MBA Mini-consulting Teams.   We are proud to have assisted our clients which


  [Info Session] Meeting Up with Program Academic Director and Alumni! Join us on September 18th for an exciting opportunity to interact directly with Solvay’s esteemed Program Academic Director, Prof. J.P. Baeyens, and our amazing alumni. During this session, Prof. Baeyens will dive into the world of Solvay Master programs, sharing valuable insights and answering