Reunion between Solvay Academic Director – Prof JP Baeyens and longtime Hanoi Alumni

In March, 2023, 28 leaders of MBA classes spanning over 28 years had a get-together with Professor Jean-Pierre Baeyens in  Hanoi. Besides the opportunity to reconnect with Professor Baeyens, who has been a cornerstone of the Solvay Master programs, it was also full of delights and throwbacks to the old days. 


The gathering was so heart-warming as everyone now is successful and willing to contribute goodnesses to Solvay community and the society in general.

We got to listen to so many good stories and the achievements besides the stepping stones getting them to where they were. If we could include here all stories being shared on that day, we certainly would! But essentially, lots of the what our beloved alumni mentioned were mainly about showing gratitude towards the School, the Masters program and their respected Professors such as Prof Baeyens. 


Looking back from the attendance, we were so proud that everyone is now successful in various fields such as technology, education, etc. For instance, some attendees are now CEOs of multinational corporations, start-ups, while others are successful entrepreneurs or academics. Some are also involved in social enterprises or non-profit organizations, working to make a difference in their communities.


And all that amazing people are now sharing a same desire, which is to contribute to society and pay this forward especially to the community of Solvay School Vietnam. With that meaningful motivation, they expressed the willingness to share their experiences and knowledge with one another at the meeting. They also discussed how they could work together to create opportunities for future generations of Solvay students. 


Let’s have a closer look to 2 of our alumni – who are now in top positions on an international scale.


Ms. Võ Hồng Hạnh – Head of the Marketing and Communications of the British University Vietnam said:


“The MBA program with Prof. Baeyens guidance has changed my life. It gave me the confidence and courage to step out of my comfort zone. After finishing the MBA program, I quit the company I’d worked for 8 years to explore new things, new areas. Now, I’m proud to say that, I’m in the same sector as Prof Baeyens , which is education”


Mr. Trần Quang Huy – Acting Dean of the Faculty of International and Postgraduate Education, Vietnam Institute of Science Technology and Innovation, expressed: “I really want to join and share experiences through activities such as workshops, short-training and others related to my majors”.

Mr. Huy is expressing his willingness to contribute values for Solvay and society at the gathering.


On behalf of Solvay School Vietnam, we were immensely touched by the beautiful connections, the strong support and the commitment to creating sustainable value for society of these amazing people. And we believe that with such people that are so fine and kind like themselves as members, our Solvay community will grow sustainably. 


Now, let’s enjoy some of the photos from that gathering!


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