Highlights of the Luncheon: Leading a Breakthrough in Business and Career!

In case you missed our recent Luncheon with Prof. Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Ms. Kim-Anh, Mr. Nhat Huy, Mr. Vinh Trong, and other 50 participants who are CEOs, top managers from prominent companies, associations, etc. Here are some highlights and takeaways:

Sustainability is the Key

In a volatile market, the economy faces many challenges and uncertainties. But for savvy entrepreneurs, “volatility also means opportunity” – Ms. Kim-Anh said – the opportunity to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of the market. And sustainability is the key to not only surviving this challenging situation but also leading the future.

The important 3Ps model

Professor. Bruno emphasized that financial capital is still one of the primary objectives of a company, but in a new context, you also need to consider social and environmental capital. In other words, the 3Ps concept is what every company needs to integrate into their system:

  • Profit
  • Planet
  • People

ECRS model – Nothing is fixed

Thanks to Mr. Nhat Huy’s simple and efficient model, we can streamline not only the supply chain but also apply it to other sectors of the operations.

  • E – What can be Eliminated
  • C – What can be Combined and done at the same time?
  • R – Rearrange the steps
  • S – Simplify the process

Mindset is the very first step 

“If you can change the mindset, you can change the behavior. And when you apply this behavior day by day, it becomes the new habit” – Ms. Kim-Anh Le said at the Luncheon. This is also her principle that Professor Bruno totally agreed with.

  • From Prof.’s example, consider the shift in the light bulb industry. In the past, manufacturers solely sold light bulbs without concern for recycling or reusability. Now, their mindset has changed. They’re not selling light bulbs but the access to light, so that they can secure sustainable development.
  • Now, companies like Philips also sell Lamps. Philips takes responsibility for recovering it, employing their own light bulbs or recycling and transforming the Lamp. The core idea is to encourage product ownership and seamless integration, ensuring that these products do not end up as waste.

We’ve learned a lot from Prof. Bruno, Ms. Kim-Anh Le, and Mr. Luu Nhat Huy. We hope you enjoyed this event and gained valuable insights from it.

Here are some photos from the event, we hope you can enjoy them and relive the wonderful moments we shared.

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