Prof. Dominique’s heartfelt letter: A warm hug to the Solvay Vietnam

My Experience at Solvay Brussels School Vietnam: A Deep Dive into the World of Gamification in Marketing

When Solvay Brussels School invited me to host a workshop on customer experience, with a special focus on gamification, I was excited but unsure of what to expect. From the outset, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and professionalism displayed by the students. These executives, hailing from major corporations, showcased a profound understanding and genuine intrigue toward the practical use of gamification in enhancing customer experiences.

The interactions were both enlightening and innovative. Ideas flew thick and fast, indicating that the interest in gamification wasn’t just theoretical but had significant real-world relevance. By the end of the workshop, I was genuinely impressed by the caliber of projects presented by the students. This was a testament to Solvay’s commitment to offering cutting-edge education, as they had when they pioneered this course in their curriculum back in 2018.

But my journey with Solvay didn’t end there. I was also privileged to speak at several conferences specifically organized by the school on gamification, the last one held in the beautiful Nest space of the American insurer AIA. Sharing the stage with Long Nguyen, CSO at and a local expert in gamification, was indeed a rewarding experience. The interactions with the attendees were dynamic and insightful, showcasing the growing importance of gamification in modern marketing strategies.

In closing, I’m grateful to the team at Solvay for their warm welcome and professionalism. Their dedication to academic excellence is palpable, and I’m honored to have been a part of this educational journey. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Yukie and Lozy, whose support and dedication were instrumental in making this experience a grand success.

To everyone considering gamification as a viable marketing strategy: the future is already here, and with institutions like Solvay guiding the way, we’re better equipped than ever to embrace it.

Thank you, Solvay Brussels School Vietnam, for an unforgettable experience!

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