Solvay Summer School – 2018

Last week of August, Solvay Brussels Schools in Belgium was very happy to welcome 10 students from Vietnam to join Summer School. Although the course was short, it left each student with valuable experiences in culture, education, and business.

The Summer School Group – 2018 edition

Let’s meet Tu & Huyen, two professionals in Finance and Marketing, to know about their experience!

Traveling is sometimes a bit frightening, but also very exciting…

For her first time in Europe, Huyen worried to face this new culture and new challenges. But this feeling didn’t last much. Guided by Solvay Brussels School before her departure and then hosted in one of its residences next to the campus, she became confident enough to open up to the people around her and make new friends.

To take the best of those 10 days, the calendar is well furnished! Between the classic courses, the 3 real case studies called “challenges”, the company visits, the sightseeing, and the after-work with the locals and foreign students, no time to be bored! And when we ask Tu if he wasn’t too tired, he convincingly argues that adrenaline is the key.

“Amazing stimulations come from everywhere: The people you meet, the inspiring teachers talks, the exploration of a new environment …”, said Tu.

Discover the variety and embrace the challenge!

The Vietnamese students during the visit of Yellow Ideas offices.

To spice up and make this one-week class special, the methods are diverse. “The visit to the Yellow Ideas offices was really attractive and beneficial. I had the opportunity to discuss about my current professional activity and enjoy the advice of Mark Raison,” told us Tu.
According to Huyen:

“The classes topics such as the “resources issues” which is not very popular in Vietnam were great mind-opener. Sensitive to this matter, I wish to deeper the subject once back in Vietnam”.

A third “challenging” exercise for our students was the so called “3 challenges”.

  • Can you build a business plan for 2018 and 2019 to promote the Pure Blonde beer? – ABinBev
  • How to convince people to change their mindset “boy go IT, girl go Marketing”? – Cream consultation
  • How to increase the in-store experiences? – Ishiban Ishimoto

One week, to face and solve those questions in groups. An oral presentation with a mixed team was the conclusion of this disruptive and exciting work session.

And what’s better than a different environment to see the world with fresh eyes? For Huyen and Tu, these differences were striking. “European students were more likely to discuss and share their ideas with teachers and more enthusiast about working groups.” noticed Tu. “We think that this experience will invite us to break the ice with our teachers for our next classes”.

⅓ about classes, ⅔ about socialization: that’s the charm of traveling

Visit of Bruges with a multicultural team of students.

If our students decided to go abroad during the summer holiday, this is also because it’s a way to socialize and extend your network. Huyen’s trip wouldn’t have been the same if she wouldn’t have met her two friends from Japan and Tawain. Besides enjoying the journey together, they had the opportunity to learn more about the culture and the business approach in their respective country. Beyond friendship, summer school can also give birth to new collaborations from unexpected but successful matches. “Some students already started to make business together,” said Huyen.

To conclude this interview; two words left from Tu and Huyen: Great and Surprising.

“Summer school helps you to decide what you want to do in your life” explain Huyen,

“It’s a good change, to study and adapt” confirms Tu.

So if you think this experience with Solvay could be a great surprise for you too, the next Summer School in Brussels is waiting for you!
Thank you to Tu and Huyen for their sharing! We are glad you enjoyed this adventure!

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