Chat with Solvay – Enhancing Solvay network & Launching Solvay Executive Education Vietnam

Last Friday evening, September 6, 2019, Solvay Brussels School Vietnam held a special Get Together event for its alumni and network called “Chat with Solvay”. This “Chat with Solvay” attracted more than 60 participants, including Professor Jean-Pierre Baeyens – the Academic Director of MMCOM Program and some other professors of Solvay who were in town, distinguished guests, together with active Solvay students and alumni. The event not only brought the Humans of Solvay together but also introduced the Launch of Solvay Executive Education in Vietnam.



Professor Baeyens – Academic Director of MMCOM Program


Professor Baeyens started the Chat with Solvay by reflecting on remarkable achievements of the program and shared his heartful thoughts with the Solvay community.


The ice-breaker game, “Find Someone”, warmed up the atmosphere in the meeting. As the activity progressed, participants began to find new friends, building trustworthy circles among the Solvay community. The game created a joyful atmosphere for everyone to provoke deeper conversations.


Winners of the “Find Someone” game


On this occasion, Professor Baeyens, who represents Solvay Brussels School, took the chance to announce the Launch of Solvay Executive Education and introduced the Executive Education team in Vietnam. Solvay Executive Education Vietnam has three key activities: MasterClasses of 18 hours which are equivalent to 2-3 training days; Company Customized Programs and 9-month Executive Master Programs with about 150 hours, including one week in Belgium to enhance the experience.


The founding team of Solvay Executive Education Vietnam comprises Professor Baeyens who is a reputable professor and also the representative of Solvay Brussels School in Vietnam; Professor, Dr. Dinh Toan Trung, the Scientific Director of Solvay School Vietnam and Ms. Yukie Binh Dam, a Solvay alumna who has been working with the school for almost 10 years. The first MasterClass on “Strategy Formulation for Managers – from Strategy to Reality” will be launched on October 12th, 2019.

For the current MBAs and Master Programs, Solvay continues to recruit MBA & Master in Business Quality and Performance Management (MBQPM), Master in Marketing and Communication (MMCOM). The next intakes of MBA & MBQPM are going to start in November 2019 and for MMCOM, the course will take place in March, 2020.

We greatly appreciate your attendance in this incredible event. Thank you very much for your continued support to develop our programs. Please visit our website or contact us via hotline for up-to-date information on upcoming programs, courses and activities.

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