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Jean-Pierre Baeyens

I’m proud to run the most practical and business oriented Master program in Marketing and Communication Management in Vietnam.


Marketing, customer relationships, advertising and business communication are the keystones of a long term sustainable business and the needed ingredients of short term company performance. And, moreover, marketing today needs to be digital, social, creative, sustainable and experiential.

Our role at Solvay Vietnam is to further provide to our students very high quality up-to- date management education and to bring the most recent evolutions in management thinking and practice.


Our Master in Marketing and Communication Management (Marcom Zone) is designed to prepare managers from the private sector to better manage the marketing and communication functions in order to be more competitive in the market economy.

Who am I?

I graduated MBA from the HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL in 1979 after getting my Master of Sciences in Management from the SOLVAY BRUSSELS SCHOOL (Brussels University, Belgium, 1975).


As Professor of Business Administration at Université Libre de Bruxelles, i have been teaching marketing and strategy for years. I founded the first international Master in Marketing and Communication in Vietnam more than 10 years ago.


I am currently a strategic spicer and personal mentor to company leaders and entrepreneurs.

My Teaching Expertise field

– Strategy
– Strategic Marketing
– New Business and Marketing Models

My Interest

love cooking and wines, I enjoy soccer matches and I’m passionate of jazz and blues…

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My Courses

Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management (AMBQPM)

This program is designed to train managers in industry and services to understand, master & improve organizational processes & performance to ensure sustainability & personal success.

Advanced Master in Marketing and Communication Management (AMMCoM)

This program brings up-to-date knowledge as digital & know-hows in marketing & communication, making you marketers ready for daily work & successful in the longer career path.

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