Workshop: Performance Management

On Aug 8th, the MBQPM (Master in Business Quality and Performance Management) Class with prof. Jean-Philippe Pireaux had an interactive workshop with Solvay alumni like Mr. Luu Nhat Huy – IMT; Mr. Le Quang Huy – Talentnet; and Mr. Dong Van Tiep – ScanCom. They have shared their own stories of their companies/businesses on “How their companies manage and evaluate performance within a department or an organization?” 



There are 3 main highlighted discussed during the workshop:

Human experience in company is defined company as a place they come and do business together. They should change their mindsets in working and performance. Employees need to understand their performance core values, rather than their monthly salary.

As a top management, what to do and set on priority are to achieve the goals and monitor situations. People should be aware that KPI or goals should be set as a team, not an individual. Especially, as a management, do not let bargaining process happening within the company.



Most of the problems are rooted from management issues. So you need to answer several questions such as “How to support them on the on boarding process?”, “How to communicate and translate the company’s vision in responsibility?” “You should use KPI or OKR?” etc/

It is imperative to manage thoroughly several relevant projects/processes to result in performance improvement. Clearly, performance and management are inextricably linked.



There were a lot of interesting discussion, argument and laugh during and after that. And more academic workshop is coming. And Master in Business Quality and Performance Management will start in this 11/2019. If you’re interested, feel free to contact us for more information.

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