Webinar: Mobile Video – 3 Key Takeaways to Boosts Your Digital Marketing and Communications

Did you know, 94.7% of web traffic in Vietnam comes from mobile users, and 95% of them consume video content monthly? (According to Digital 2020: Vietnam Report, Hootsuite) How can marketers boost user engagement and keep up with the ever-growing mobile audience using mobile video marketing?

Join us in this webinar: Mobile Video – 3 Key Takeaways to Boosts Your Digital Marketing and Communications 

(This event will be held in Vietnamese)

  • Time: Tuesday, April 6, 6:45 – 8:00 PM (UTC/GMT+7)
  • Register for link: http://bit.ly/3tpljNz
  • Contact us: 0978803733, infovietnam@solvay.edu

What you can learn from this event: 

🔵 Why is mobile video marketing making a significant impact on digital marketing, and what are the latest trends?

🔵 The tools and techniques to boost your digital communications channels

🔵 Applied case studies and strategies of video marketing campaigns and advice from one of the top communications specialist in Vietnam

 Guest speaker info:

🗣 Mr. Hung Nguyen, Digital and Social Media Coach at BBC Academy, Digital Journalism Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

🗣 Mr. Vinh Le, Senior Communications Specialist, Chairman and CEO of Le Group of Companies.

 We look forward to your presence!

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