IBFP Launch – International Business Fields project

Last week, we celebrated the launch of our new IBFP session with Michel Alle.



  • What is IBFP ?



IBFP is a consultancy project made by Solvay MBA Students for company. The school challenge students with real business issue and allows companies to benefit from a new vision in fast-moving world. Beyond a practical case, this is a direct application of the learning by doing method. This is the seventh years in Vietnam but operating for more than 18 years in Belgium.



  • How does it work ?



Solvay attribute one project to one group of 4-5 students. During 4 months, with 400 or 500 hours of work, student groups provide a client relationship under supervision of a professor and an experienced professional project manager. Thanks to their strong professional profile, with an average work experience of 7-8 years completed by MBA knowledge and the diversity of their background, it’s a success for both : company and students.


“We have been very pleased with the outcome of this project that will serve us as en excellent guidance to improve our brand awareness and ultimately the value for the farmers thereby  enhancing the sustainability of our business concept” Stephan Tempel Bayer / Rice seeds country group manager.

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