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Michel Allé

I have been teaching in Vietnam for 23 years in the Solvay programs and particularly the MBA. I have been personally the witness of the changes in the country economy and society and in the evolution of the expertise and ambitions of the young promising Vietnamese managers. Today they are very open to the world, aware of the enhancements of the country and of the challenges to come in the future.


Our role at Solvay Vietnam is to further provide to our students very high quality up-to- date management education and to bring the most recent evolutions in management thinking and practice.

In each of our course our goal is also to develop the soft skills of all our students from presentation to negotiation and motivation of the teams and colleagues.


Each teacher of our international Faculty is highly motivated and demanding towards himself or herself to be each time better. They are also committed to motivate each student to let them express their potential and prove that they can also be very demanding towards herself or himself. I hope that we will make the Solvay Vietnam MBA journey together!

Who am I?

Born in 1950, civil engineer from education and finance professional in my career. I have been director in the 1980’s of the Belgian R&D program in new and renewable energies. Later, after 13 years experience in Private Equity, I became CFO of Brussels Airport and after that CFO of Belgian Railways. I’m today directors of listed companies of which Elia, the electricity Transport System Operator active in Belgium and Germany. I teach at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management since 1990 and have been of the School from 1997 till 2001. I’m today Solvay Vietnam Dean. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

My Teaching Expertise Field

– Regulation
– Strategy
– Corporate Finance

My Interest

Trekking, biking, skiing but also Jazz and Opera. Readind novels and history books. Travelling in the beautiful Europe and the beautiful South-East Asia.

My Courses

Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management (AMBQPM)

This program is designed to train managers in industry and services to understand, master & improve organizational processes & performance to ensure sustainability & personal success.

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Mail : dean.vietnam@solvay.edu

Location : Belgium / Vietnam

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