Taste of Solvay – Welcome Ceremony for new Solvayers

We are thrilled to announce a virtual welcome ceremony, codename Taste of Solvay, in order to celebrate the start of the Class of 2021. The event will be held on Saturday, August 14th at 2:00pm.


Taste of Solvay 2021


Taste of Solvay will include a total of 50 invitees. We are also honored by the presence of Prof. Mathias Schmit – Academic Director of the MBA program & Prof. Jean-Pierre Baeyens – Academic Director of the MMCoM program. Alumni guest speakers will also join us on this special occasion but we will keep their identities a secret for now.


Also, please keep in mind that this event is only considered as a soft opening session. We will throw a back-to-school party to get everyone together once the lockdown is over.


We look forward to your attendance, new Solvayers!

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