Solvay Brussels School Vietnam Ambassadors Photoshoot

Solvay is now turning with excitement to 2021 when we will be celebrating Solvay School Vietnam’s 26th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, the school invited and gathered Solvay’s Ambassador to join a photoshoot on Wed, March 31, 2021.

This session aims to refresh the image of Solvay Vietnam with dynamic faces and activities and prepare visual materials for the 26th anniversary.

Let’s look back at some highlight moments of the shooting session with Solvay’s Alumni.

Solvay Brussels School Vietnam has had 26 years of operation in Vietnam and alumni with more than 3,500 people. This network is very interesting because of the background and ages of the people. We have so much to interact with. This two-way connection leads to the further development of the students.

Thanks Solvay’s Alumni for continuing studying and accompanying with Solvay Brussels School Vietnam. Stay tuned for more activities to come!

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