A Glance on Solvay Annual Tennis Tournament 2020 and Charity for Children in Central Vietnam

On 8th November 2020, Solvay Tennis Open Tournament 2020 was successfully held at Ky Hoa Tennis Stadium, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The event attracted great interest and commitment of Solvay alumni, Tennis club members and special guests from SRC Club, ABB, KUL Express, Han Express, Schneider Electric companies etc.,


Solvay Tennis Club was founded by a group of initiatives who were our active alumni and Solvay staff in 2010 and it has grown up significantly to almost 100 members until now. The club is a consolidated community where Solvay alumni and current students who love tennis and like to meet up for networking and exchanging. The annual tennis tournament aims to engage and strengthen up our community. Significantly, the 2020 Tennis Open Tournament marked 2 milestones: 25th year of Solvay University in Vietnam and 10th year of Solvay Tennis Club.



The event was more special and meaningful since the Solvay Brussels School Vietnam collaborated with alumni associations and Solvay Tennis Club to launch a Charity campaign supporting disadvantaged children in the Central regions after the flood disasters. The campaign was run shortly and intensively from 26th of October to 9th of November.



It was our great pleasure to receive kind support from our European professors, sponsors, colleagues and friends for both the charity program and tennis tournament.



With our endeavors, the 2020 Tennis Open Tournament has attracted 48 tennis players and successfully raised over 120,000,000.00 VND. The fund will be exchanged into gift sets (books, stationary stuff and school equipment etc.,) for over 200 children in Central Vietnam. A part of the fund has been transferred to Phu Hoa Orphanage in Quang Ngai as soon as the fund raising closed.



The rest of the fund will be delivered directly to Quang Ngai by our organizing team from 14 to 16, November.


“The 2020 Tennis tournament has been such a meaningful event to all of us. It is not only the Solvay community event for us, but also a social activity to help disadvantaged children in the Central region of Vietnam who have been suffering heavily from the recent natural disasters. If I could give some words to these children, I would wish them all the safety and good care so that they could be back to school and stable their life as soon as possible. I wish them could overcome the difficulty quickly and become successful to make a change to their life and their family. I also hope they can pay it forward to their fellows and their community if they could do it one day.” said, Mr. Le Ngoc Thanh Nhan – Representative of Solvay Tennis Club.


On behalf of Solvay Brussels School Vietnam and organizing team, we would like to give our deep gratitude to our sponsors, supporters, colleagues and friends who have been actively supporting our school and our community. We hope that we all together can continue such inspirational spirit and build a sustainable and valuable community.



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Kind regards,

The Solvay Brussels School Vietnam Team

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