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Marketing is one of the fastest evolving disciplines, most impacted by the digital and technological revolution.

The objective of the program is to equip students with the most advanced knowledge to be successful in their marketing and communication careers. Marketing, customer relationships, advertising and business communication are the keystones of a long term sustainable business and the needed ingredient of short term company performance. Marketing today needs to be digital, social, creative, sustainable and experiential.

Welcome to Marcom Zone! Explore, discover and practice with our top-class specialists teaching you the marketing of the future!


18 months




Jun - Dec 2023

Tuition Fee

12,500 USD

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Whom is the programme aimed at?


We are not looking for students. We are looking for game changers!

This Advanced Marketing and Communication Management program is made for young high, potential professionals willing to:

1. Be exposed to world-class knowledge with 100% Western faculty and experts.

2. Boost their career in marketing and communication regardless of their current occupation.

3. Transform themselves, gaining self-confidence, professionalism, and leadership to impress colleagues, customers, and business partners.


They should have:

1. An open mind, loving new approaches to life and culture.

2. A solid motivation, not afraid of working day and night, as a true professional.

3. A flexible intelligence, being able to think strategically while having a strong sense of “down-to-earth” implementation.

4. Ready to experience disturbing situations, unusual approaches, and different styles.

We keep our class sizes purposely small to create the best conditions for group interaction and cohesion and offer the best personalised support to each student.



Average Age



Average Experience



Class Size

Program Content


This Advanced Master in Marketing and Communication Management consists of 16 courses (60 ECTS) split over four modules and completed within 18-20 months. Our Advanced Master program is completely executive-friendly. Classes take place in the evening and on weekends (1 subject every 3-4 weeks).


96 hours

Module Objective:

This module ensures that all students are at the right level with the key dimensions of marketing. It is the foundation of the curriculum, the base on which great plans can rest.


The subjects:

1. Strategic Marketing Management

This course will keep you up-to-date with what you need to develop robust, efficient, and coherent marketing strategies. Starting from customer behavior understanding, the ground zero for all marketing plans and campaigns, and going through the required fields of segmentation, targeting, and positioning.


2. Marketing Planning

What are brilliant marketing strategies if they are not translated into solid marketing plans? This course will offer the primary planning and control tools widely used in marketing management. It will give students practical models to prepare new product launches, manage current multi-product portfolio planning, and go from strategy to implementation.


3. Building and Managing Brands

Successful brands like Apple or Coca-Cola are reaching values worth billions of dollars. How did they reach that level? What are the keys to building a solid brand? Most importantly, how to make sure your brand stays engaged with the consumers and remains top of their list? Branding is a topic of first importance to marketers, but brands are not managed as before as competition for customer attention is tremendous!


4. Customer Insight & Strategic Intelligence

This course will explain to students how to understand the market they operate in. Scan and control competition, understand, and have great insights into consumers’ needs, aspirations, and minds. Key market research techniques will be explained, and most importantly, how to translate research data into conclusions, recommendations, and actionable marketing plans.


120 hours

Module Objective :

Marcom is the core value of this program. Our purpose is to equip our students with the most advanced marketing communication knowledge and techniques. Digital, social, and creativity as our keywords here!


The subjects:

1. Integrated Communication Strategies

All you need to know about effectively communicating with your target group. This encompasses understanding your target groups, what media channel you should use, and how to consistently convey a coherent message. All media channels will be reviewed, including a 360° coverage of the target audience with media, promotion, PR, sponsorship, and other Marcom tools. This course will also cover relationships with communication and media agencies.


2. Media Management

This course will help you review the existing media channels and assess each of them with regard to your specific target group (personal), your product/service category, and, most importantly, the specificity of our company. This is to build a robust media plan to convey your message to your target group. Selection and management of social media are also considered here.


3. Digital Communication

Everyone speaks about digital. All of us think we know digital, but finding our way into the digital jungle is another story. This course will help you go through the fundamentals of understanding the tricky ways of digital marketing and communication, starting from essential web advertising to more sophisticated mobile communication, not forgetting the importance of SEO optimization and marketing.


4. Social and Content marketing

Content edition, gamification, and social media campaigns will be at the heart of this course. Knowing how to advertise through the web and the mobile world is one thing, and understanding how to use social media efficiently is another. The objectives are for students to understand how to listen to social media (they are a powerful information source), how to manage them in the best interest of the company and its customers, and how to create powerful, distinctive content.


5. Agency Creative Direction

Under the guidance of a famous advertising Creative Director, you will learn how to run outperforming communication campaigns: exciting, distinctive, memorable, and performing! From strategic planning to implementation issues, you will be initiated to what makes an outstanding campaign, understanding key success drivers and relating the creative process to market performance.


102 hours

Module Objective:

This module’s key objectives are opening your mind developing your soft skills and stimulating creativity. These courses and workshops will be scattered all over the program.


The subjects:

1. Creativity & concept generation workshop

This workshop will teach you how to be more creative in marketing and in your own life. It will directly equip you with tools and skills which can be applied immediately. You will learn how to view problems from different perspectives and change them into opportunities. “Creative encounters” allow you to meet directly with great inventors in their own place of work!


2. Managing The Future

The world has never been so unpredictable and unstable. Trends are changing fast, and consumers are changing even faster. One of any organization’s most significant challenges is dealing with the future. The course will give you tools to set expectations about the future and manage the expected, but it will also bring you the necessary concepts to manage the unexpected.


3. Leadership & Team Empowerment

All marketers want to make it to the next level. When this time comes, you will be confronted with a huge challenge: How to motivate your team? How to get the best out of them? How to generate passion but also how to support and evaluate them? This course will work as a workshop and will give you the tools to be a good and effective leader.


4. Presentation & Personal Communication Skills

The life of a marketing manager is filled with presentations: to the board of the company, to your boss, to your team, to the sales team, to customers. We know that with the same content, a good presentation will do the job while a bad one will send you back behind your desk to re-do the work. This course will teach you how to make an excellent presentation: effective, powerful, and relevant!


5. Workshop: Personal branding & career management

The most essential product to sell is YOU! Brand yourself and manage your career as a professional. Competition is tough when you sell your talents. It would be best if you stood out from the crowd. In this workshop, you will prepare your branding strategy, build your reputation and prepare your career plan.


6. Elective course (new from 2017 in HCMC)

Taking one course from another Solvay master’s program will widen your knowledge and interact with other students specialized in their field.


Module Objective:

Using the skills and techniques in the field, practicing, and implementing under pressure, are the objectives of these activities that take place at the end of the program.


The subjects:

1. Final Master Project

This is not an academic thesis but rather a business project. Students will act as marketing consultants for a real company, working in teams of two for several weeks. They will be tutored by marketing professionals and are expected to deliver professional work of outstanding quality.


2. Final Master presentation (the Grand Oral)

Students will have to demonstrate their problem-solving skills in 24 hours by using course concepts on a real case project, thus showing their evolution. This action-oriented work will be finalized as a written report and an oral presentation in front of a jury.



– Recognized university bachelor’s degree.

– Minimum 2 years of professional experience.

– Proficiency in English (TOEFL iBT 70, IELTS 5.5, TOEIC 630 or equivalent evidence).

How to apply ?

1. Document required

– 01 application form.

– 01 So yeu li lich, certified and sealed by your local residential authorities or the employer (apply for Vietnamese only).

– 02 notarized copies of University degree.

– 01 degree verification certificate (apply for an international bachelor’s degree).

– 01 English certificate (do not apply for candidates who obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English or an international Bachelor’s degree taught in English).

– 01 medical certificates issued no more than 6 months up to the application form.

– 01 copy of Identity card/Passport.

– 4 photos (3*4cm).

– Notarized copies of other degrees/certificates (if any).

– 01 copy of working year certificate (optional).

2. Application process

First step: Click here to download application form. 

Second step: Submit Application form and other document required at our office before entrance test.

Address:  room 211, Open University, 97 Vo Van Tan, district 3, HCMC.


1. Test fee

Application fees: 1.000.000 VND (non-refundable).

2. Test Content

– Written test: except for those who submit the GMAT certificate from 450 points.

– Interview: A personal interview with the admission jury (Academic Director & professors from Solvay and HCMC OU).

Class schedule & Finance


– Program commencement: December 2023.

– Tuition fees: 12.500 USD (split into 3 installments).


Financial supports from ACB with “Edu loan” for full tuition fee and pay back monthly. Please contact hotline or send email for details.



Solvay Brussels School offers a “Promising leader scholarship” every year to outstanding students who are meeting a big challenge in paying the tuition fee. This selective scholarship is granted based on an assessment and an evaluation of the candidate by a scholarship jury. For the EMBA, we give

4 merit scholarships of 25% of the tuition fee

How to apply and Process

1. Complete and submit the application form with all necessary documents.

2. If the candidate requests for the scholarship, she/he will have to answer the extra question during the admission written test (specific case to get more score and more chance to get a scholarship).

3. Only candidates accepted to the program after all the admission tests & interviews are eligible to run for the scholarship.

4. Announcement of the 5 top with the highest score which is eligible for the scholarship (The overall score for admission assessment is the sum of application, written test, and admission interview).

5. The eligible candidate for the scholarship will have the scholarship interview with the jury to be challenged the last time.

6. Announcement of the scholarship result.

Point of assessment for the selection

Thanks to the candidate application file, the interviews, and the admission test, the jury will evaluate the candidate to select a unique & merit profile:

– Financial needed.
– The motivation.
– Traits and manner for leadership (confidence, innovative mindset, positive thinking, motivation through the presentation, gestures…).
– The success case’s quality, the candidate’s involvement, hardness, decision making etc.
– Extent of understanding of the economic situations and management.


– The scholarship is calculated in accordance with the tuition applicable to the deadlines.
– Scholarship is not convertible to cash and not transferable.
– Scholarship will not be granted to candidates whom the company sponsors regardless of the amount.
– The Jury board reserves the right to decide the total number of scholarships or types of scholarships granted based on the selection results and based on the total number of applications.


Option to give some value to your application:

1. Letter of recommendation signed by the company, in which they comment about your seniority and performance.

2. Letter of recommendation from Solvay alumni recommending you for the program.

Why Solvay?


The only truly international Marketing program in Vietnam
At Solvay Brussels School, we are truly global with professors coming from all over Europe and the world: from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, the USA... You will learn from different cultures, confront different environments, and hear different views. Your certificate, signed by the Rector of Université Libre de Bruxelles, one of the most reputed in Europe, will open doors for international careers.
High-achievers from around the world choose Solvay because of our diverse,
international community. You’ll thrive with the support, network and opportunity that our students, faculty and alumni offer.

Immediate return for you

The best return on your personal investment.
With one of the most competitive tuition fee in Vietnam, you will, as do all of our graduates, enjoy significant salary increases at the end. You will be worth more for your company because you will add more value. Most alumni experience that the recovery of the tuition fee takes place in 2 to 3 years... After that, it's all gain, for you, your families, your loved ones!
And think about this: if you'd like to follow the same program abroad, in Asia, Europe or America, it would cost you at least 3 times as much, only for the fee! You will emerge from your Solvay experience transformed with the acumen and attitude to lead anywhere, anytime.
There’s a reason why some of the world’s best companies recruit and hire Solvay graduates. As business becomes increasingly global and competitive, companies need innovative & creative thinkers and accomplished doers who they can trust to lead. After your Solvay Master, you’ll have the profile employers are looking for.

Up-to- date knowledge

The most updated programs in marketing and communication.
The curriculum of version 4.0, updates the contemporary and trendy knowledge to train the marketers for tomorrow New module of “advanced communication” is added with all the courses about digital communication. Graduates from the program become the real expert in the field

Creative perspective

The most practical & creative, field oriented Advanced Master program in Vietnam.
Workshop about TED-style presentations and Creative Encounters will enhance confidence and creativity. Theory is good but it's nothing without practice! At Solvay Brussels School, teaching business practice is central.. Action learning, learning by doing, experience sharing are our keywords to develop your creativity. The vast majority of our teachers are business people and experts in their field. So, be prepared to apply new knowledge on the spot !

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