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The Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management provides you with the tools you need in today’s highly competitive and globalized world to deliver in your company or organization outstanding products and services that satisfy their customers and stakeholders while meeting the needs of society as a whole and preserving the environment.


18 months





Tuition Fee

11,500 USD

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Who is the programme aimed at?


The Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management is designed to train present and future managers in industry and services having as objectives :

1. To understand and master organizational processes with a strong emphasis on total quality.
2. To improve business performance through quality management and improvement principles and tools.
3. To acquire top-level knowledge from 100% Western-educated professors and experts, which will enable them to increase their organization’s overall performance, leading to quick promotion and salary increases.
4. Having a mindset oriented to sustainable business development through excellence in quality processes.

Class profile


We keep the class size purposely small enough to create the best conditions for group interaction and cohesion and offer the best personalized support to each student



Average Age



Average Experience



Class Size

Program Content


The Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management consists of 15 courses (312 contact hours, 63 ECTS) organized around three modules and completed within 18 months.


Our Advanced Master program is completely executive-friendly. Classes take place in the evening and weekend (1 course every 3 or 4 weeks).


Module Objective:

Master the management knowledge and skills necessary to understand the challenges to reach excellence in quality and performance.


The courses:

1. Strategy and Corporate Governance

This course focuses on the design and implementation of the strategic process drawing from the different strategic models (LCAG, Harvard, Mintzberg, Porter, Kaplan & Norton…) from a quality perspective. It investigates the appropriate organizational structure and environmental analysis (PESTEL, SWOT, Porter…) for an effective strategy.


2. Quality Management Systems

This course presents the meaning of quality, its historical development, and the setting-up of a QMS (ISO).


3. Project Management

This course is centered on structuring and implementing the different phases of managing a project for efficient control and improvement.


4. Strategic Business Intelligence

The course deals with the mining of intelligence, and the management of knowledge (psychological, technological, organizational…) is a key to the long-term success of an organization.


5. Human Resource Management

The course highlights human resources’ key role in quality and performance (selection, recruitment, appraisal, communication, empowerment and involvement, training and development, teams and teamwork, human resources total quality models.)


6. Elective course

Possibility for the students to take one other course in other Solvay Brussels School programs in Ho Chi Minh during the academic time of their intake & without extra tuition fee.


63 hours, 9 ECTS


Module Objective :

Quality and performance must be closely monitored to achieve the objectives the organization or company wants. This module will give you the tools and skills to master and monitor quality and performance. 


The courses:

1. Lean & Process Management

This course focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, decision-making, planning, measurement, risk control, and problem-solving.


2. Service quality

The course presents the specific characteristics of Services with the stakes, managing customer relationships, and customer satisfaction.


3. Quality, Performance Evaluation, and Control System

A well-run appraisal can give an employee a whole new Energy, motivating them to have a new challenge. However, the manager could have some keys. – preparation – review objectives – review training – what’s goals – positive tone – good keys for good objectives. Begin appraisals with a positive discussion.


4. Innovation management

The course demonstrates that innovation is the ultimate source of competitiveness for organizations. It investigates the nature and typology of innovation, new product and service development (NPD), approaches to the management of NPD, the role of design and marketing, evaluation of product innovation, and integration with business partners.


5. Quality, Security & Environmental Protection

The course will go through and make a comparison between the ISO 14001 standard and the ISO45001 standard in terms of risk management and health impact. It also illustrates the synergy between the two fields using the example of the nuclear industry. After this course, you will clearly understand a process revue in these two fields.


6. Sustainable development

This course shows how today’s conditions of development, and the limitations of growth, are making the principles and stakes of sustainable development (modes of sustainable development, ethics, and corporate social responsibility (unavoidable for organizations).


7. Sustainable supply chain management

Here we learn about the importance of having a global view of the supply chain to ensure quality and performance with Strategic purchasing, contracting, procurement, buyers-suppliers relationships, and risks.


8. Green business issues

Green management is a part of the wider issue of sustainable management that will be more and more popular in the coming years. This course aims at confronting students with green-based approaches very practically. You will conduct 3 on-site visits and interact with operations officers who practice green management in Vietnam.

You will have to debrief each visit with the professor and be well prepared to act as responsible leaders in the future!




The courses:

1. Professional project

You will realize the final professional project by conducting a management research project in real conditions. You will demonstrate your analytical skills and ability to solve management problems. The project will be finalized through a written report and an oral presentation.


2. The Final Master’s Presentation (“grand oral”)

The final test intended to convince a jury that the title of Master of Quality and Performance Management can be rightly awarded. You will first present your Professional project, and after that, the jury will evaluate if you’re able to solve a business problem under time constraints using concepts and tools taught in the program and if you can explain how you developed your competencies and personality through the MBQPM experience.



– Recognized university bachelor degree
– 2 years professional experience is preferable
– Proficiency in English (TOEFL iBT 70 , IELTS 5.5, TOEIC 630 or equivalent evidence)

How to apply?

1. Document required

– 01 application form

– 01 So yeu li lich, certified and sealed by your local residential authorities or the employer (apply for Vietnamese only)

– 02 notarized copies of University degree

– 01 degree verification certificate (apply for international bachelor degree)

– 01 English certificate (don’t apply for candidates obtained Bachelor degree in English or international bachelor degree taught in English)

– 01 medical certificate issued not more than 6 months up to the date application form

– 01 copy of Identity card/Passport

– 4 photos (3*4cm)

– Notarized copies of other degree/certificate (if any)

– 01 copy of working year certificate (optional)

2. Application process

First step: Click here to download application form and fill in.

Second step: Send Application Form, Bachelor Degree and English Certificate to email infovietnam@solvay.edu

Address: Room 112 (level 1), Open University, 97 Vo Van Tan st, district 3, HCMC 


1. Test fee

Application fees: 1.000.000 VND (non-refundable)

2. test content

Written test: except for those who submit the GMAT certificate from 450 points

Interview: A personal interview with the admission jury (Academic Director & professors from Solvay and HCMC OU)

Class schedule and Finance


– Program commencement: August 2022

– Tuition fees: 11.500 USD (split into 3 installments)



Solvay Brussels School is offering every year “Promising leader scholarship” to outstanding students meeting a big challenge to pay the tuition fee. This selective scholarship is granted based on assessment and an evaluation of the candidate by a scholarship jury. For the AMBQPM, we give

4 merit scholarships of 25% of the tuition fee

How to apply and Process

1. Complete and submit the application form with all necessary documents;

2. If the candidate requests for the scholarship, she/he will have to answer the extra question during the admission written test (specific case to get more score and more chance to get a scholarship)

3. Only candidate accepted to the program after all the admission test & interview are eligible to run for the scholarship

4. Announcement of the 5 top with the highest score who is eligible for the scholarship (The overall score for admission assessment is the sum of application, written test and admission interview)

5. The eligible candidate for the scholarship will have the scholarship interview with the jury to be challenged a last time

6. Announcement of the scholarship result

Point of assessment for the selection

Thanks to the candidate application file, the interviews and the admission test, the jury will evaluation the candidate to select an outstanding & merit profile:

– Financial needed
– The motivation
– Traits and manner for leadership (confidence, innovative mind-set, positive thinking, motivating through presentation, gestures…)
– The quality of the success case, the involvement of the candidate, the hardness, the decision making etc.
– Extent of understanding about the economic situations, and management.


– The scholarship is calculated in accordance to the tuition applicable to the deadlines
– Scholarship is not convertible to cash and not transferable;
– Scholarship will not be granted to candidates who are sponsored by the company regardless the amount;
– The Jury board reserves the right to decide the total number of scholarship or types of scholarship granted based on the selection results and based on the total number of applications


Option to give some value to your application:

1. Letter of recommendation signed by the company, in which they comment about your seniority and performance

2. Letter of recommendation from a Solvay alumni that recommend you to the program

Why Solvay?


An International Faculty teaching the international up-to-date best practices
At Solvay Brussels School, we're truly global with professors coming from all over Europe and the world: from France, Belgium, USA, Canada, . . .
As the competition in quality and performance is today truly international, this will give you will be trained to be compared to the best professionals of foreign countries.

Your Advanced Master in Business Quality and Performance Management certificate, signed by the Rector of Université Libre de Bruxelles, one of the most reputed in Europe, will open doors for international careers.

Immediate Return For You

The best return on your personal investment
With one of the most competitive tuition fee in Vietnam, you will, as do all of our graduates, enjoy significant salary increases at the end. You will be worth more for your company because you will add more value.

You will be worth more for your company because you will add more value. Most alumni experience that the recovery of the tuition fee takes place in 2 to 3 years..
After that, it's all gain, for you, your families, your loved ones!
And think about this: if you'd like to follow the same program abroad, in Asia, Europe or America,, it would cost you at least 3 times as much, only for the fee!
You will emerge from your Solvay experience transformed with the acumen and attitude to lead anywhere, anytime.


The Solvay reputation
Solvay has a reputation for academic excellence that is unparalleled in Brussels. We are looking for students who likewise have an excellent record of academic achievement and business experience. We carefully select each class to reflect diverse life experiences and backgrounds.

Our faculty members influence business in almost every sector in Europe. They teach a transformative and ever evolving curriculum that develops leaders poised to create opportunity in any environment.

Most Practical Program

The most practical, field oriented international Quality and Performance Master in Vietnam
Theory is good but it's nothing without practice! At Solvay Brussels School, we have been teaching business practice for years. Action learning, learning by doing, experience sharing are our keywords. The vast majority of the teachers of the program combine an outstanding academic background with long term practical experience in the field they cover. They will prepare you to apply rapidly your new skills in your professional life.

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