How to move your audience with an impactful presentation


Being stuck in explaining your ideas to team members, managers or customers?

Can’t find a way to convince others and present your ideas differently and effectively?

Don’t worry! The workshop of Martina Bayers who has mastered the presentation techniques, will provide you the most current visual tools to enrich your presentations and make them more powerful.


Presentation design

Presentation Design will give you the tools to clarify and simplify your message, structure and enrich your ideas, develop a logical story and create memorable visuals.


TED style presentation

Do you know Ted talk? Each speaker has a maximum of 18 minutes to present their subject in the most innovative and convincing manner possible. Why is this important in a business setting? Managers have less and less time to share more and more information. People have to be convinced by your message, and the alignment of teams, customers, suppliers, etc. is a key factor for success. Don’t wait any longer; adopt the TED-style format.


Dress up your number

You present quantitative data to inform, persuade and call for action? A few seconds is all it takes to capture your audience’s attention or to lose it forever. To be effective and to remain in your audience’s memory, raw data needs to be transformed into presentation data. Let’s dress up your number!


– Introduce the tools to quickly and significantly improve the quality of your visual presentations.

– New way to design and produce a data-driven presentation in the era of the Internet and big data.

– How to create an impactful and powerful presentation like TED-style

For over fifteen years, Martina has been a consultant, creative facilitator, and presentation designer. She guides executives and their teams through their creative thinking and the creation of original and persuasive visual presentations. She trains individuals in the art of delivering unforgettable TED talks. Martina is also the trainer for the ‘Presentation Design’ and ‘Dress up your Numbers!’ workshops.

She also acts as a facilitator during strategic meetings or for Yellow Ideas’ creative days. Her ‘Picasso Manager’ conference inspires directors and their managers on creativity in today’s business environment. She is the author of ‘Réussissez vos présentations PowerPoint (Successful PowerPoint Presentations) (2014).


Venue: Trung Nguyen Legend, 264 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, district 3

Date: 9:00, 12th Jan, 2019

Fee: 200.000 VND/pax

For any inquiries:
Phone: 0978.803.733

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