An Outstanding cast of teachers

100% Western teachers

Solvay Vietnam has made the choice to have a Faculty made of 100% teachers with Western education and professional experience. This guarantees that the most up-to-date management techniques and knowledge will be brought to our Vietnamese students. As most of our teachers have professional international experience, it guarantees also openness and flexibility to different business cultures. In 2017, 77 teachers from 14 nationalities taught at Solvay Vietnam.

The Solvay stamp

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management has high standards to recruit its teachers. They must prove their academic and/or professional experience at high level (through publications and/or achievements) together with strong education skills. The same selection criteria are applied in Brussels and in Vietnam and a very large majority of the Solvay Vietnam Faculty teaches also in Brussels. The assessment of their performance in delivering courses through students feed-back is continuous.

Vietnam Knowledge

Our teachers are not only 100% Western, they have also an in-depth knowledge of Vietnam, its economy, its society, its business culture. As most of them are seasoned teachers at Solvay Vietnam, they have had the opportunity to meet many Vietnamese leaders and future leaders and teaching to them on Vietnamese or Asian cases to understand the specificities of business in Vietnam. Moreover they are all passionate about the country, its people and its quick changes.

Practice supported by the theory

Solvay Vietnam has made the choice to deliver the most practical MBA and specialized management Master programs in Vietnam. Sharing the field experience of the participants is key in their development process and give them the capability to use rapidly at work their improved skills. But theoretical concepts are also used to give the participants the opportunity to acquire broader and longer term views on the challenges they meet in business.

Directory of Solvay faculty

Non-exhaustif list of some of our outstanding professors