Companies are key players at Solvay Brussels School since the creation of the School in 1903.

We believe that any partnership between a Business School & Companies can bring mutually beneficial opportunities for the school, the students and for the business.


Solvay Brussels School is offering tailor made partnership to help your companies to get the best knowledge and performance thanks to Tailor Made Programs.

Tailor Made Programs

Knowledge and experience fully adapted to your needs

Whenever your teams need to acquire new skills or knowledge, gain experience and boost their leadership, customised programmes are the name of the game. Welcome to our corporate training programmes: specially designed to enhance management performance within your organisation.

At Solvay Brussels School, we believe tailor-made programmes should be unique, which is exactly why no two company programmes ever resemble one another, even on the same topics. We commit to building your training programme from the ground up, and to tailor them to your needs.

Our added value is generated by our ability:


To translate your needs into a curated sequence of relevant content, ranging from cases studies, articles and videos to business games and field projects…

To provide participants with state-of-the art knowledge, tools and techniques.

To source the most suitable trainers with international faculty and experts.

To make sure the programme is perfectly delivered, and has an energising effect on your team, powered by the right mix of group dynamics and individual coaching when needed.

From general management to in-depth specific programmes:


As a business school located within a university that has numerous partnerships with other institutions, we have developed programmes in many areas of management: Mini-MBA’s, Leadership, Marketing, Finance, Quality Management, Public Management,, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Strategy, HR and many more.


Our reference customers include local and international companies such as Sanofi, Puratos, Total, AbInbev, Bouygues, GSK…

International Business Field Project

Is your business in need of consulting expertise?

In times of hard competition, business needs to make wise decisions but you have neither the time nor the resources to analyse all aspects in order to take the right decisions.

Our MBA participants can help you solving your issues and produce a report with a solid analysis and practical recommendations.

The International Business Field Project is a strategic, organizational or operational consultancy project which addresses real needs of your business.

It is carried out by a team of MBA SBS participants in a provider-client relationship, under the supervision of dedicated faculty and an experienced professional project manager.

The team takes advantage of the latest tools and techniques to provide you with a professional high end product.

This project brings immediate value to your business with:

– A professional final product (analysis, recommendations, report, presentation)

– A fresh, unbiased perspective on the business opportunity or issue you want to evaluate

– A team of 4 or 5 highly-motivated MBA participants, equipped with the latest knowledge

– An estimated 400 or 500 hours of work dedicated to your project on a 4 month-period

– Close supervision of the team by a highly experienced faculty supervisor and a project management professional

– A clear provider-client relationship between Solvay Brussels School MBA and you

– The opportunity to assess new high-potential recruits on-site

Your team:

MBA Solvay participants have professional and international profiles, with an average work experience of 8 years. They come from various previous professional backgrounds, thus enriching the MBA with their business knowledge and experience.

MBA Solvay is designed to equip its participants with a full set of skills and the knowledge with which to face a competitive and fast-moving world. To achieve this, they follow a very intensive and highly demanding programme in order to gain a firm practical understanding of the management trends that make a difference at an international level.

Practical information:

– Submission Deadline: January

– Timing of the project: Scoping of the projects with SBSem faculty in April, kick off in April and final presentation in October.

– Project fee: 900 USD. As participating students receive no fee for this activity (part of curriculum), client company must only cover the operating costs of the project (mostly the local). Additional expenses such as travel and accommodation outside the HCMC or Hanoi area, or market research costs, etc. will be charged to the company after approval of a budget submitted by participants and reviewed by the project manager.

Our recent clients include:

Coca-Cola, Bayer Vietnam, Intel, SAMCO, VNPT, Vietcombank, Hanvico Co., SAVICO, Golden Hope, DKSH, SOS International, KMS, Son Ha – HR & Consulting, Phu Thai Group, Mazars Vietnam, VAG International Group, Traphaco, Bancore Vietnam, Puratos Grand-Place Vietnam, …..

Company Collaboration

A “win-win” relationship

Solvay Brussels School works closely with companies by creating “win-win” collaboration. We can propose to companies differents types of partnerships that will suit to your company requirements. For example, companies regularly trust us and collaborate by:

Talent Development

You can recommend good candidate to our programs to develop and retain your high potential

Sponsor Your Employees

We are offering incentive for specific partner if you sponsor employees from your company

Event Organisation

We can co-host an event and/or workshop. We have a pool of great international faculty that come to Vietnam.

Networking & Knowledge

You will be invited to all our events, business talks and conferences


Through your community and our 2500 alumni, we can create a specific campaign for our brands visibility


If you want more information or your are interested to collaborate with us, please contact us by this form. Our team will come back to you as soon as possible.