Using Gamification to Drive Behavior Change with Dominique Mangiatordi

“You will learn more about someone in 1 hour of gaming than in 1 year of work”


Gamification is increasingly and successfully used in many areas such as Industry, Business, Science, Health and Education. It is a technique where art, technology and fun are mixed together to redesign the way we do business.

Having understood that Gamifications is a strong social activity to get out of boring environment, trigger the desire for personal development and connect people, Dominique will share dynamic innovations to create holistic marketing campaigns that engage users in fun and unique experience designed for a product, service, platform or brand.

Whether you are just a fresh player or a skilled professional seeking Marketing strategy, Employee engagement, Effective learning, Culture change, this Business Talk will surely be of great value to you!



We’re all gamers, and we can see parallels between gaming and marketing techniques.

– Intro Gamification/ Context and use in marketing

– Intrinsic vs Extrinsic motivation

– The Gamification Curve

– The Player’s Journey

– The 8 player types

– Focus on the 8 levers and techniques behind
* Epic Meaning
* Achievement
* Creativity
* Possession
* Social Influence
* Curiosity and impatience
* Unpredictability
* Loss and avoidance

– The 2 phases of marketing gamification: fun play and loyalty play



“Start by understanding the drivers of motivation in order to build on existing levers

and create meaningful engagement in your product.”

– Dominique Mangiatordi –

Serial entrepreneur, he launched three successful companies since 2000 and was general manager for HomeAdvisor France, an IAC subsidiary (Tinder, Meetic, Vimeo…).

In 2015, he founded Royal App Force, a Gamification software company that builds mobile gamification solutions for businesses. Royal App Force has been called by the Trends Magazine « the best B2B belgian Startup to invest in » in their Top50 contest.

Dominique lives near Aix-en-Provence, where he teaches UX (User Experience) at l’Ecole des Mines and the Aix School of Art and Design (Esdac). He teaches Digital Marketing at HEC Liège and now Solvay Vietnam.

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Fee: 200.000VND/pax – Drink included

Venue: Morico, 30 Le loi, D.1

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