4 master programs running in 2017

Solvay Brussels School has launched its promotions for the programs running in Vietnam in 2017, in which these programs are now recruiting in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

In Hanoi

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), intake 17
  • Master in Management of Banking and Finance (MMBF), intake 5


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), intake 18
  • Master in Marketing and Communication Management (MMCoM), intake 11

These programs will be commencing mid November, 2017.

All the programs are designed with the same philosophy, which is to train students with practical and field oriented knowledge based on 3 main factors being “knowledge, doing and being”, for the leaders of the new generations.

The two programs in HCMC are added with some new features, coping with the demands increasing from the students who are living and working in a dynamic city.

As usual since 2012, Solvay Vietnam Belgium reserves fund to grant “Promising Leader” scholarship to the candidates based on the entrance test and special consideration to cases. Scholarship winners have good opportunities to enjoy 25% or 50% deduction in their tuition fees.

There are two main admissions in July and October. Before that some pre-deadlines admissions are organized to support the students to get the results timely for seeking financial supports and time arrangement.

Discover Day, Info Sessions, Personal Counseling, Phone Consultations are organized on a regular basis to provide the candidates with as much information as needed to shape the decision.

Then from July onwards, in HCMC it will start the recruitment for other two programs, namely

  • Master in Business Quality and Performance Management (MBQPM), intake 7
  • Master in Management of Banking and Finance (MMBF), intake 1, the first time launched in HCMC

These 2 programs will be commencing in mid April 2018

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