Scholarship policy by Solvay Vietnam – Belgium Master Programs

1/ Scope

-       Applied to candidates of the new intakes of 2017

-       Scholarship is offered for studying MBA, MMCoM and MBQPM in Vietnam - Belgium Master Programs conducted at HCMC OU

2/ Details


  • Name of the scholarship “Promising leader scholarship by Solvay Vietnam Belgium master program”
  • This is entrance scholarship, meaning grant is done based on admission selection.
  • 2 types: merit and social (for SME), not all programs having both
  • Breakdown

            o     MBA

2 x merit scholarship x 50% tuition

4 x merit scholarship x 25% tuition

1 x social scholarship x 50% tuition

            o     MMCoM

4 x merit scholarship, 25%

            o     MBQPM

4 x merit scholarship, 25%

The scholarship is calculated in accordance to the tuition applicable to the deadlines

Scholarship is not convertible to cash and not transferable;

Scholarship will not be granted to candidates who are sponsored by the company regardless the amount;

The Jury board reserves the right to decide the total number of scholarship or types of scholarship granted based on the selection results and based on the total number of applications

For Hanoi

  • Name of the scholarship “Promising leader scholarship by Solvay Vietnam Belgium master program”
  • This is selective scholarship, meaning grant is done based on asessment of the scholarship applicants.
  • Breakdown

            o   MBA

1 x merit scholarship x 50% tuition

2 x merit scholarship x 25% tuition 

3/ Application

a)      To the program & to be eligible for the merit scholarship

-       Complete the forms from MBA, MMCoM or MBQPM program

-       Copy of Certificates and degrees

-       Option to give some value to your application:

o     Letter of recommendation signed by the company, in which they comment about your seniority and performance

o     Letter of recommendation from a Solvay alumni that recommend you to the program

b)      To the program and to be eligible for the social scholarship:

-       Applicants must submit a letter explaining why he/she is applying to the social scholarship (why me?) and also explaining his/her financial status

-       Letter of recommendation (as form) signed by the company, in which they comment about your seniority and performance

-       Applicants can prove their financial needs by additional papers (bank statement for salary of the 3 recent months, current labour contract)

-       He must show the evidence of working for the current company for at least one year.

4/ Process

-       Complete and submit the application form;

-       The eligibility of the candidate for the program will be analysed

-       Take Solvay Written Test and answer the extra question (specific case to get more score and more chance to get a scholarship)

-       Have the admission interview with the jury

-       Selection and result announcement for the program

-       Announcement of the 5 top with the highest score who is eligible for the scholarship

-       Have the scholarship interview with the jury

-       Announcement of the scholarship result


Admission interview details

Points of assessment

o     Application presentation and quality. Referring to the letter of recommendation

o     English competence

o     Skills: presentation and interaction

o     Traits and manner for leadership (confidence, innovative mind-set, positive thinking, motivating through presentation, gestures...)

o     The quality of the success case, the involvement of the candidate, the hardness, the decision making etc.

o     Extent of understanding about the economic situations, and management.

o     The overall score for admission assessment is the sum of application, written test and admission interview


Scholarship interview

o     In front of a jury, the selected candidates for scholarship will be challenged a last time in order to get the scholarship

o     The jury will :

▪      evaluate the merit and

▪      challenge the motivation of the candidate to get the scholarship

▪      expect the candidates  to show and prove that they are of great potentials in term of capabilities, traits and manner to be the leaders in the future or to be a great leader if they are now to some extent a leader.

Based on the answer of the extra question in the written test, the jury will decide to challenge more for scholarship consideration