We are proud to present in Hanoi the first truly practical and business oriented master program in banking and finance. This course progamis open to meet a strong demand for high level training of managers in the banking and finance sector, financial industry regulators and specialized consultants.

The Master in Management of Banking & Finance is designed to prepare those managers, specialists and consultants to better manage the banking and financial institutions in a changing market economy as well as, to manage the risk factors associated with finance instruments and strategies.

This program is operated by the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in partnership with the International School of Management and Economics of Hanoi National Economic University.

Who should attend?

Candidates have a university degree and show solid English skills . They are preferably working in banks, financial services companies or hold positions in the financial departments of business enterprises. All must demonstrate strong maturity and professional experience (minimum 2 years).

Candidates must have a clear interest for boosting their career in banking and finance regardless of their current occupation. Ambition, ability to communicate with others, analytical skills and leadership potential are the qualities we are looking for.

Candidates will be able to acquire top level knowledge from 100% Western educated professors and experts. Students (max 45 carefully selected) will become better in their jobs and increase the overall level of professionalism of their company leading to quick promotion and salary increases.