We are proud to offer the most advanced, action-oriented and field focused international MBA in Vietnam!

Launched for the first time in Vietnam in 1995, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program having been upgraded to version 2.1, is dedicated to strong, ambitious and confident professionals ready to move up fast in their careers. It offers a unique curriculum delivered by a faculty of top Western professors, experts and professionals. In addition, students will work on developing interpersonal skills needed to become effective leaders.

Choose the Solvay Part time MBA program in partnership with HCMC Open University and National Economics University (in Hanoi), the best return on your career investment! And For A better you!

Our experience of 21 years in Vietnam, combined with the latest insight on how best to train leaders, inspired us to update this 17th edition of our part time MBA program. We believe that traditional MBA programs designed only with discipline-based courses are not fulfilling their mission of preparing their students for leadership positions in modern organizations. Our third module, Integrative management, will prepare our students to work on a multidisciplinary basis, covering different aspects of the business at the same time. Just like in the business world!

Who should attend?

This MBA program is made for you if

·    You hold a university degree (bachelor or master) and show solid English skills, you are working in middle management positions, are a business owner or already a general manager. 

·        You are able to demonstrate maturity and professional experience (minimum 3 years) and you have a clear interest in boosting your career in management.

·        You want a quick return on your personal investment in terms of promotion, responsibilities and salary.

You want to gain the most advanced world class knowledge from the best international professors and experts and get an MBA degree delivered by one of the most renowned European University. 

Students (max 50) will be carefully selected. They will become better in their jobs and increase the overall level of professionalism of their company.

Ambition, analytical mind, ability to communicate with others, creativity and leadership potential are the qualities we're looking for in candidates.