Launching the white book about general management in Vietnam


On 24/3 in HCMC and 31/3 in Hanoi, SBSem will launch its first white book about “General Management, Opportunities and Challenges in Vietnam in the coming time” featuring 9 selected topics. At the event, Prof. Marianne Claes will review the book and special guests who are Mr Nguyen Tat Thu, President of  KNV Group and Mr Nguyen Huu Thai Hoa, former Chief Strategy Officer of FPT Group, sharing their comments.

SBSem was founded in 1903 by Ernest Solvay, a man who had a vision and a pioneering spirit. It is with this spirit that SBSem decided to launch master’s programs in Vietnam (MBA and specialized master’s) 20 years ago in 1995. We were amongst the first foreign universities at the time to offer such programs. In order to celebrate the important milestone of 20 years in Vietnam, SBSem  wants to contribute to a better understanding of the future of key aspects of general management in Vietnam.

Close to 100 professors come every year to Vietnam on behalf of SBSem in order to share their knowledge, experience, and passion with the Vietnamese master’s students. SBSem wants to have some of these professors exchange their views and knowledge with Vietnamese experts, mostly alumni from SBSem master’s programs in Vietnam.


Each professor and Vietnamese guest speaker was specialized in the reviewed field with extensive working experience. The workshops were organized once a month, in a very informal way, in order to foster discussions and generate ideas. All the papers have been consolidated into a white book and will be shared among the alumni community and business community.