SBS-EM launched the 2016 recruitment for 4 programs in Vietnam

After series of activities in celebrating its development in Vietnam for 20 years, SBS-EM is concentrating to its main mission in Vietnam, which is to generate business leaders, by launching recruitments for 4 programs in 2016. They are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master in Marketing and Communication Management (MMCoM), Master in Business Quality and Performance Management (MBQPM), and Master in Public Management (MPM). Most of the curriculums of the programs have been adjusted with updated knowledge; especially the MMCOM being upgraded to version 4.0 with the completely new curriculum.

Committing to the philosophy of providing the most practical programs to the students, boosting their personal development in career and life, all the programs focus on firstly how to help the students apply knowledge to their daily work and then how to shape themselves to the positions of leaders.

SBS-EM will organize various activities such as Info Session, Discover Day, One Day Master Student, etc to enable the candidates to acquire the information of the programs, making choice and experience the quality of the programs.

The programs will start in Mid November and there are 2 deadlines for applications

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Details of the PROGRAMS