Course: Intercultural Relationships & Negociation

Objective: understand how cultures interact with one another and how negotiation takes place in different cultural environments; learning about “the cultural shock”, the meaning of culture and the different dimensions of culture. Latest theories, practical examples and self tests are part of the methodology. The coursel ends with the study of different “corporate cultures”.

At the end of the course, each student should be able to have a better understanding of his professional cultural environment. He should also be able to negotiate with managers from other cultural backgrounds such as Americans, Englishman, French and other European cultures. If the student works for a foreign company, this course will help him to better understand the behavior of his foreign managers and will give him tips to better perform in his company.


Bachelor (license) in applied economics from Antwerp University and a Master of Business Administration from Stern Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University, has a wide international business experience, with tenures in the USA, Europe & Far East Asia. Since 2002, Pascal Wuillaume is Chief Executive Officer of the multinational stock listed company Fountain group.

The Fountain Group operates mainly in the major European countries. The company manufactures and markets hot beverage dispensers and their consumables for the "Out of Home" market.  Distribution is organized around a concept aimed mainly at serving SME/SMI and based on a diversified range of beverages (coffee, tea, chocolate, soups, cold drinks, etc.) much renowned for their high quality.

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