Professor André NAYER

Lawyer (Ph.D. in Law ULB, and Master in Social law ULB).
Full Professor at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université d’Europe (ULB), Brussels, Belgium.
Vice-Rector at Université Libre de Bruxelles, Université d’Europe (ULB) (2000-2006).

General Commissioner of the ULB (2009 - ....).

Director of the Master in Social Law (Law Faculty, ULB).
Director of the Centre of Research and Prospective in social law (CeRP/ULB).

His teachings at the university (Law Faculty and Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management,) include:

·         International social law

·         History and prospective in social law 

·         Labour law  

His areas of research are:

·         the situation of foreigners (administrative and socio economic status; racism and xenophobia; migrations and protection of the fundamentals rights; labour discrimination;…);

·         the researcher 's relations (social and financial status; collaborations between universities, public and private sectors in the field of the scientific research; …);

·         the artist’s creations (social and financial status; international situation; intellectual rights; …);

·         the citizen at work (social inspection and protection of the citizen; recruitment – health – privacy; alternatives forms of payment ; …).


He is an expert for European and international organizations (EU, Council of Europe, UNESCO, ILO, FIO, …); regularly an international guest speaker, chairman or moderator, in Belgium as well as in other countries (in Africa, Canada, in Europe, India, Slovenia, Russia, Vietnam, …).

He was advisor of the Minister of Employment and Labour (1977 - 1980).
He organizes many congresses, seminars and meetings on scientific, philosophical or political subjects.

He is author, co-author and editor, of many books and articles in the different fields of teaching and research mentioned above.

He is honoured by scientific prizes (Alice Seghers Prize ULB, and Maurice van der Rest Foundation Prize, FEB/Belgian’s Companies Federation).

He supervises several thesis in social law (privacy, conciliation, multicontracts).


Main Publications

- Social inspections in Belgium :Les Inspections Sociales en Belgique, 1980, Edition Vie Ouvrière, Bruxelles, 640 p.
- Social and Financial status of the artist : Le droit social et fiscal des artistes, 1987, 514p.(en collaboration)
- Introduction to the foreigner’s status : Introduction aux statuts de l’étranger, 1991 Story Scientia, Bruxelles, 408 p.
- Collaborations in scientific researches :La recherche scientifique universitaire en collaboration-Aspects sociologique et juridique des relations universités-entreprises privées-pouvoirs publics, 1996, Nouvelles de la Science et de Technologies, 14, 592p.
(en collaboration) ;

Labour law Space/Time/Movements : Droit du Travail - -Espace/Temps/Mouvements, 2008, Presses Universitaires de Bruxelles, 252 p.


Right of self-fulfilment for human being at work Metamorphosis of the social law : Le droit à l’épanouissement de l’être humain au travail - Métamorphoses du droit social, 2007, Bruylant, Brussels, 857p. (en collaboration).

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