Jean-Paul LOOZEN

Course: Accounting and Control

Objective: Provide accounting tools for financial statements preparation and financial analysis; understand the fundamentals of the financial statements and the underlying accounting concepts; be familiar with the International and U.S. financial accounting and reporting standards; use key financial analysis tools


  • Master in Sciences of Management– ULB (1981)
  • He is currently Professor of Advanced Accounting at the Solvay Business School (ULB – VUB), and academic director of the Solvay Business School Executive Program in Real Estate. Jean-Paul Loozen also qualified as a C.P.A. in 1991.
  • He started his career with Andersen in 1981 and became an audit partner in 1996, after which he created the real estate corporate finance department and was the practice director thereof for Europe and North America.
  • Further to the 2002 merger of Andersen and Deloitte organizations, Jean-Paul Loozen is heading the real estate and construction industries within Deloitte Belgium and is a member of the Deloitte real estate industry worldwide management team.
  • He specializes in the real estate and construction industries and has gained a large experience in advising real estate companies and investors on financial, legal, operational and market matters. Jean-Paul Loozen has been co-ordinating and supervising many recent real estate engagements: Real estate corporate finance and valuation (for the Belgian State, the European Parliament, the Bally group, real estate banks, private real estate investment groups, Swift, …); Corporate real estate (SNCB, Alcatel, Brussels Airport, UPC, Siemens, …); Development and project management (International Rogier Center, Euromut, Investimmo,…).

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