Course: Building and managing brands


CHRISTIAN BLUEMELHUBER is the InBev Baillet Latour professor for Euromarketing at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. He received his PhD from Munich University and researched and taught at the University for Television and Film, the Technical University Munich, iae University in Aix en Provence / France and Virginia Tech University. He also co-invented two sports: “SOCCAFIVE” and “J-TENNIS” (now Mickeys Tennis and sold to Disney/Völkl), and managed those brands at newsports GmbH. His research interests lie in the fields of “brand management”, “Euromarketing” and “managing in post-postmodern times”. 2010 he published as essay on „series“ and 2011 a book on the impact of marketing on our daily lives. His scientific articles were published (among others) in the «Journal of Business Research», «Marketing Science», the «Journal of Consumer Behavior», and the «International Marketing Review». Find more information on his webpage: “BLUEMELHUBER.DE”.

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