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Course: Domestic & International Distribution & Retailing

Objective: help students realize why modern distribution is a strategic element of the marketing mix today. Commercial and logistics aspects of distribution will be covered, linking supply chain management to marketing management. New distribution systems will be examined as it paves the way to modernization of market economies, both in the B to C sector and the B to B and service sectors.



  • From 1989 till 1992: Business Development Manager of Portfolio 2000 s. a. , holding company or a group operating in the distribution and retail of FMCG.
  • From 1990 till 1999: Director and founder of Happy Post Etc.s.a., a franchise company in services retail.
  • From 1980 till 1989: Various commercial and organizational responsibilities with Sarma - Penney Ltd., a US – based world-wide retailing company, including : Sales Manager for Nopri franchise, Management Controller, Organization Manager and Accounting Manager
  • From 1977 till 1980: Auditor with Arthur Andersen & Co.

Current position:

  • Since 1992: Founder partner of Coach Europe s.a., training and consulting firm specialized in marketing. Responsible for numerous consulting and training missions in many types of public or private institutions, from retail companies to the European Commission in specialties : Retail business, pharmaceutical Retail sector, fidelity and customer service management and in marketing in the public services environment(towns,hospitals, ministries,…)
  • Since 1993: Director of Klingelnberg s.a., belgian subsidiary of a german company producing and distributing tooling machines
  • Since 1994: Director of Menagroup 2 000 s.a., distributor of fast moving cousuming goods
  • Numerous trainings and lectures delivered to various intra - or inter company audiences on such topics as : Improving customer relationship, Customer loyalty, Point of sales management, Retail network management, Franchising, Merchandising techniques, Strategic Marketing , Marketing Positioning, Market surveys, Marketing plan development, etc...
  • Numerous consulting and research missions for various retailing companies, such as Champion Supermarkets, Galler Chocolates, Noukie’s baby clothes, etc.

Courses in Vietnam:

  • Since 2006, professor of « Retail marketing management » in the Master Program in Marketing of the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • since 2007, professor of « Public Marketing » in the Master Program in Public management at the University of Hanoï (Vietnam), both programs delivered in English in coopération with Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

Courses outside Vietnam:

  • Since 1992: Lecturer in Marketing in the Master Program in Public Management at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (Brussels University)
  • Since 1992: Professor of Retail at HEC Liège (BBA Program), a class delivered in English since1994.Since then I acted as a visiting professor in retail for such universities as Valladolid ( Spain), Sienna (Italy) and London City University (UK). All such lessons were delivered in English.
  • Since 1999: Professor of Retail at ICHEC Brussels (Post Graduate Program in Marketing)
  • Since 1999: Professor of Marketing Business to Business at HEC Liège (BBA Program), a class given in English
  • Since 2002 : lecturer in marketing in the Master program in management for health care institutions (MMISS) at Brussels university
  • Since 2009: « Maître de conférences » in charge of the Marketing classes in the Post Graduate Master in management of Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

Main research fields & Publications:

  • Author of several articles on retall stores management between 2005 and 2007, namely :

« La pharmacien de demain »: a series of articles on point of sales management for Pharmacists, in « Substrat » a monthly publication  by CMP Media. 2005 -2006.

« La métamorphose du pharmacien »: a series of articles on point of sales management, in « Agorapharma» a monthly publication by 4Med. Group, 2007

  • With HEC Liège in 2009:

Report of Research mission for the Belgian Ministry of Economic Affairs on relations between SMEs and the large retailing companies in Belgium.

Social & non profit activities:


  • Past President of Solvay Business School Alumni
  • Co-founder of Solvay Business Review

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