We have about 2,500 alumni across the programs in both Hanoi and HCMC. Many of them are holding senior positions in the governmental bodies and enterprises. The alumni is a strong force to bring the awareness of Solvay Vietnam Belgium Programs to their friends and colleagues.

Annually, there are events when the alumni in general or those of specific profession gather for networking and school update. Besides, they are still part of the schools with meny contribution as tutor, partners, sponsors and so on.

There is a platform on the internet for all our graduates to meet and share information. A place also to find the right contact for business opportunities or enrollement.

  • Mr Pham An Duong, Marketing Programs Director - Intel Vietnam, Class: MBMM4
    Since I took the marketing role at Intel Vietnam, I joined the Marketing Master program. I found it very useful for my work and also my career development. The courses are up-to-date with very relevant and practical knowledge to serve the current market development strategy of my company. I would like to say that most of the professors and course content at Solvay Brussels are excellent. It is no doubt that many people give the best referral for Solvay Brussels based in this fact.
  • Nguyen Le Thai Hoa (Mr), CEO - Hoa Mai Trading Company., LTD (Ohi@ma - Ali.bao Home Appliances), Valedictorian of MMA6 (2013 graduation)
    This course helps me to change my way to do business actually. As you will be aware that some small and medium enterprises like me are facing to a strong competition in turbulent market. I am only a “SMALL FISH” in a “BIG OCEAN” but I was so desperate to race up with “BIG SHARKS” in terms of advertising campaign or price war. And then I have thrown a huge amount of money ineffectively. Sometimes, in order to keep partnership with customers, I accepted to lose money. However, in order to optimize business effective
  • Ms. Le Trang - Class: MMA1 (Hanoi)
    I found the sessions in the last 2 days interesting and informative! I enjoyed very much the idea of making the interview video. It helps us discover and apply new skills to make the video and also take advantage of the chance to meet with the Senior Marketing Manager and hear them share their knowledge and experience. Its very much helpful for us!"
  • Ms.Le Thi Minh Thao - Acting Director, Personal Finance Marketing Techcombank - Class MBM7
    I was strongly impressed with the lectures of the program’s Professors. They provided me the comprehensive professional knowledge, which is not only theoretical but also practical. Using this knowledge, I feel more confident and gain more successes in my career. Thank you, Professors, for your exciting and useful lectures!
  • Le Thi Huong Giang, Senior Economic and Commercial Officer, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – MBAVB2
    I am proud to be a SBS alumni and I definitely recommend this MBA program as a good choice to my colleagues, friends and business contacts
  • Dang Thi Thu Ha, Brand Manager, AkzoNobel Paints Viet Nam Ltd - Class: MBAVB2
    MBA study at Solvay Business School is one of the most wonderful steps in my career.
  • Mr. Phan Le Dung, General Director, Sunrider International - Class: MMVB5
    MBA study at Solvay Brussels School is a memorable milestone in my jet-plane progress to advance my career.
  • Ms. Nguyen Xuan Tra Mi, Managing Director, G4B Branding Real Estate Marketing - Class MMVB4
    The MBA Program of Solvay Business School is one of my best decisions in my life