Mission and Values

 Our mission

In 1903, more than one century ago, our founder Ernest Solvay, both a renowned scientist and entrepreneur, defined the School mission as follows : “The mission of the Solvay Business School is to train men and women who are capable of selecting, initiating and managing.”

This mission remains unchanged today, but can be defined more thoroughly according to more specific facets relevant to the XXIst century :

Our aim is to train through transformation. We consider it our responsibility to participate in the personal development of the young men and women who study with us; consequently, our students acquire much more than knowledge. They graduate from the Solvay Brussels School as different people, to their own benefit and that of their company or organization.

We believe it is our role as an international business school to furnish society with talented men and women that possess surplus of intelligence in order to contribute to the long-term development of society. This can only be achieved through the highest possible level of excellence in education and research.

Lastly, we have set ourselves with the objective of cultivating a European profile broadly open to other cultures in order to build a more balanced, peaceful, and economically prosperous world.

Our values

The elevation of society and the individual through freedom of thought.

In a world full of paradoxes and rapid change, we believe that managers should be guided by intelligent thought. This can only manifest itself when it is free, critical and profound.

The ambition to search for excellence and go beyond the ceiling of your capabilities.

“The Solvay Brussels School’s system is tough”; not as an end in itself, but because difficult challenges develop individual and collective capabilities. Our Master programs are difficult and demanding; we make absolutely no compromise on this.

The strength of the group when faced with individual solitude.

Whether through the strength of its network, its esprit de corps, or its solidarity in the face of difficult situations, the Solvay Business School promotes the values of team spirit and cooperation.

Facing the future with solid roots.

Over one hundred years of success have built a School of excellence that is recognized and renowned. Yet we believe this merely provides a solid foundation for our future, whether for our concerns or our methods of work.

Yet we believe this merely provides a solid foundation for our future, whether for our methods of work, our expanding global partnerships, or for our students to have a reliable education from an organization they can trust.

We are proud to be precursors, not followers.